Amikam Bar Garma
An Israeli and international artist, painter and sculptor
Born at the year 1947 in Jerusalem

Paints habitually from age 15
Made numerous exhibitions in Israel and throughout the world
His first professional exhibition was presented at the year 1968 in Katz Gallery, the historical one at Tel Aviv

Amikam Bar Garma is an artist, painter and valued teacher, and very well-known among freelance artist peers in Israel.

In his nowadays paintings he deals mainly with global issues
Emphasizes the aesthetic value in his paintings even though the central motive in his work is hard


  • At age 13 he was admitted to Wizo France college of beautiful arts in Tel Aviv 1965 – studied technology, and ceramic design
  • In Bezalel academy 1971 – tuition studies, college of education – Beit Berl – 1988
  • History of art and psychology - the open university 2001

Amikam Bar Garma is today an esteemed teacher at Studio M Hamoshavot in Petah Tikva