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Dear customer,

It is of importance to emphasize the differences between an original work, a limited amount print and a free print.

In the auctions only original works are sold, as well as numbered prints, limited in their quantity, along with the autograph of the artist as well as a GR Ami art gallery certificate.

Via an online auction only unsigned free prints are available in a bargain price.

The original works and prints will be displayed before you in a prearranged place, before you purchase your masterpiece. A work of art is not an ordinary everyday article, and is subject to the viewer's artistic and aesthetical taste, and hence, it is important that before your purchase, the gallery GR Ami delivers suitable iconographic background material about the artist and his masterpiece so that you, the collector viewer, are well-informed about the appropriate background for your investment.

For more information about auction dates, please contact us, even today, using the mail: or phone: 972-(0)54-4688707    972-(0)52-6876747
and be supplied within 24 hours with a response to your mail or SMS, as well as invited from time to time to occasional exhibitions, shows and auctions of the gallery GR Ami.

Special discounts are given to GR Ami art gallery's Collectors Club members.

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