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Ricky Halper

Ricky is born and was raised in Jerusalem, the holy city. A prominent soul artist, Ricky as a unique figurative style that is closely related to the essence of Judaism and the history of the holy land - Israel.

Her works deal with motives and humane foundations that are taken from biblical sources as well as Israel's ancient landscapes.

A religious woman, Halper strongly relates to the spirituality of beauty and innocence, and inserts a spirit of vitality in her works which represents the holiness that is pursued by various religions.

Halper studied and honed her style in renowned academies:

Ha'tachana - headed by the hyper realist artist Aram Gershuni, and at the studio of the famous artist Amikam Bar-Grama.

Halper has strong Israeli and Jewish identities and she is inspired by historical sources that directly relate to the spirituality in her paintings.

Her works show a subtle feeling of ancient glory and a Jewish identity from the holy land.


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