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GR Ami art gallery's Collectors Club is a youthful, dynamic institution making it possible for the collector or enthusiast to choose his masterpiece, obtain it according to his own personal aesthetic values and taste. Contrary to the common attitude, the gallery considers it of great importance to hold works of great quality, in order to preserve their future financial value.

The uniqueness of the gallery "GR Ami" expresses itself by putting its goal to work along with particularly prodigious young artists, whose potential for unalloyed artistic and aesthetical value has shown up, which is considered a fundamental requirement for the preservation of the value of a masterpiece, as well as promotion in the long staircase of reputation, towards becoming a well-known artist.

Therefore, the gallery GR Ami handles the artist's publishing arrangements, gradually leading him into exposure at famous galleries around the world.

As for collectors and art enthusiasts, this makes a wonderful opportunity to purchase original works, as well as limited edition prints, along with the artist's own autograph. The gallery maintains therefore, two kinds of contacts: as Gallery's friend, or as Gallery's trustee. Both are able to purchase masterpieces, whose future value is guaranteed, in a moderate price. The value of each print is determined either by the said total amount of prints or by the quality of the masterpiece.

Amikam Bar Garma does not consider his subjective view and analysis of the artists and their respective works satisfactory, but rather accepts assistance from highly regarded critiques and famous artists from Israel; such process of acceptance of the artists to the gallery's ranks makes for pointing out remarkable qualities belonging to the displayed artists and their works.

Dear surfer, in order to join us as a member of the "Collectors Club", please choose one of the two categories "Gallery's friend" or "Gallery's trustee".

As a "Gallery's friend", you will receive periodical information about events that take place in the gallery.
The designation as a "Gallery's trustee" costs 30 NIS per month (a special offer), giving you 10 percent discount valid in any direct purchase from this site.

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